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Job Description (DevOps + Customer Success Engineer)


About Us:


At, we are building a next-gen AI-based Privacy platform. We are helping build a privacy-first world with the help of our Data Privacy Automation (DPA) solution that ties together sensitive data discovery, cataloging, and access and makes the right (sensitive) identity-centric data available to the right people and teams. With the help of the 360-degree view of the entire sprawl of sensitive data that the solution provides, we enable privacy officers to set policies to automate enforcement. 


We are looking for passionate backend developers to help us to build and evolve the platform. This is a great opportunity to create impact, have solid learning, work with a fantastic team and live the startup life!


About the Role:


We are looking for a Passionate Engineer with solid prior experience to join us. As a part of this position, you will be developing DevOps practices, managing cloud deployments, infrastructure automation, monitoring tools, deploying kubernetes clusters, writing helm charts, and also explore, and using cloud-native technologies. Working with customers to deploy and monitor Kubernetes and LightBeam clusters.




  • Design, develop, test, debug, and maintain components of the cloud infrastructure.

  • Optimize and manage/monitor security in production.

  • Optimize and automate security controls for cloud applications in production.

  • Automating security process flows and security tests for containerized applications.

  • Develop tools to assist and support developers in CI/CD.

  • Integrate security controls in the software pipeline.

  • Understand the infrastructure details of private/public clouds and use DevOps best practices to implement provisioning.

  • Identify and communicate customer technical issues to appropriate LightBeam teams with appropriate context and urgency.

  • Kubernetes, LightBeam cluster deployments, and upgrades for customers.



  • Strong in Linux, Docker containers, Cloud (Private/Public), Bash, Python, and Terraform scripting.

  • Strong in Kubernetes, and Helm charts.

  • Working knowledge of monitoring tools.

  • Experience in building strong customer relationships and adding value that drives positive customer outcomes (product adoption, value discovery, customer engagement, customer value metrics, etc.)

  • Track record of driving product adoption and expansion through customer-aligned account management, and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Technical understanding of the data infrastructure ecosystem.

  • An understanding of the complexities involved with operating large IT environments, with an appreciation for both systems and applications.



  • Pan India Medical coverage

  • Paid Time Off and Sick Leave

  • Generous stock options

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