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For the longest period of time, artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to shred users’ privacy, and launch sophisticated security attacks. It doesn’t have to be that way. LightBeam leverages the best that the AI community has to offer and turn that into something that helps organizations automate their privacy controls and secure their sensitive data: read more in our CEO’s blog here.




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LightBeam automates security and compliance controls for InfoSec and Privacy teams, helping you scale your business in local and global markets.


Leveraging generative AI, LightBeam has rapidly gained customers’ trust by pioneering a unique privacy-centric and automation-first approach to security. Unlike siloed solutions, LightBeam ties together sensitive data cataloging, control, and compliance across structured and unstructured data applications providing 360-visibility, redaction, self-service DSRs and automated ROPA reporting ensuring ultimate protection against ransomware and accidental exposures while meeting data privacy obligations efficiently.

LightBeam is on a mission to create a secure privacy-first world helping customers automate compliance against a patchwork of existing and emerging regulations.


With extensive use of data across all industries and applications. LightBeam wants to become the privacy control tower providing a 360-degree view of PII/PHI/PCI sensitive data sprawl. LightBeam enables privacy officers to set policies to automate their enforcement, while information security executives can finally rest assured that sensitive data is being used and accessed securely.

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