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Job Description (QA Engineer Lead)

About Us:


At, we are building a next-gen AI-based Privacy platform. We are helping build a privacy-first world with the help of our Data Privacy Automation (DPA) solution that ties together sensitive data discovery, cataloging, access and makes the right (sensitive) identity-centric data available to the right people and teams. With the help of the 360-degree view of the entire sprawl of sensitive data that the solution provides, we enable privacy officers to set policies to automate enforcement. 


We are looking for a QA lead to help us to build and evolve a robust high-quality platform. This is a great opportunity to create impact, have solid learning, work with a fantastic team and live the startup life!


About the Position:


We are looking for a QA Lead with solid prior experience to join us! As a QA Engineer, you will be responsible for testing distributed systems and ETL pipelines at scale. This involves manual testing, automation of distributed systems, web interfaces and API automation, performance testing as well as regression. We are looking for somebody with strong sense of ownership and drive to be able to establish and drive QA processes while being involved hands-on in testing.




  • Design and develop test cases for data privacy and compliance which is designed and developed using technologies like modern machine learning algorithms, deep learning and AI algorithms.

  • Responsible for overall quality of the data privacy and compliance functionality.

  • Design test cases to adequately and quickly assess the state of the product;

  • Implement aforementioned test design in Python towards building a highly automated test suite framework;

  • Leverage past experience of large-scale environments (e.g., Microservices/Kubernetes), file systems, and analytics technology to do root cause analysis and to test performance and scalability of the product.

  • Leverage past experience of automation framework(s) and continuous integration platform(s) to develop and maintain Engineering's continuous software integration effort;

  • Program in Microservices/Kubernetes environment and employ robust software engineering practices to develop quality assurance and software automation code;

  • Peer-review QA code and test specification documents.

  • Establish a good set of QA processes - automation, certifying builds for customers, planning for certifying new feats, inhouse test scale setups

  • Understanding the product as well as new features requirements

  • Coming up with test plans for the same which should be exhaustive, handle edge cases and scale aspects as well

  • Manually testing features and qualifying for releases

  • Completing automation for the same

  • Adding and maintaining the regression suite

  • Qualifying release branches

  • Own and deliver within the given deadlines

  • Come up with frameworks as apt

  • Report issues in a timely manner with appropriate level of detail

  • Owner’s mindset for the product quality



  • 8+ years of experience

  • Strong in Python, Selenium-based testing, Scripting

  • Knowledge of REST APIs and GraphQL APIs

  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes, Cloud

  • Working understanding of large-scale distributed systems architecture and data-driven development

  • Good debugging and communication skills

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines

  • Capable of prioritizing multiple projects in order to meet goals without management oversight

To apply, please send your resume and a brief cover letter to [Contact Email/Link].

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