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Privacy policies ought to be the start of a competitive brand differentiator, not just a checkbox item. And this is where data security & privacy automation comes in.


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"Data is like crude oil. One needs to refine it to make use of it. LightBeam sifts and exposes the most sensitive & valuable data hiding within an organization, and ensures that it is being protected securely. Love the visibility and the control."

David Eddings
President @ InfoObjects, Inc.

“Privacy professionals lose sleep over securing sensitive customer data and complying with privacy regulations. The legacy manual ways have become too limiting. I am impressed with LightBeam’s automation-first approach and how the platform enforces data privacy controls across structured and unstructured data.”

Kiran Sharma
Privacy @ Snap Finance

"For the first time, I see LightBeam providing a unified privacy control tower. If you want a single pane of glass for all your sensitive data, take a look at LightBeam!"

Ken Kerrick
CISO, Financial Institution

Data Security & Privacy Automation with

LightBeam Spectra







Ability to learn and understand what’s important to you (customers) from your own data, and then auto secure your sensitive information has never been possible before. When you get alerted, you know it is for something you care about.

Automate PrivacyOps

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Record of Processing Activities (RoPA)

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Data Subject Rights

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Privacy at Partner

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Consent Management

LightBeam's unique 3-step approach of LEARN | DISCOVER | AUTOMATE enables 1-click  Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Record of Processing Activities (ROPA), and Data Subject Right Requests (DSR).


You can finally stop spending days and weeks doing ROPAs, DSRs and PIAs!

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Learn From Your Peers!

Privacy -  Applied . Proactive . Innovative .

Download the e-book today.


We are on a mission to create a secure privacy-first world.


We experienced first hand the mindless form-filling exercises privacy professionals have to go through routinely. We have converged data privacy, data security and data governance. Our approach provides full visibility into your sensitive data, and enables you to automate privacy and governance controls in a single pane.

Awards and achievement 

Best North America RegTech Startup


Pioneering a unique identity-centric and automation-first approach to data security (Worldwide)


Governance, Risk and Compliance Innovation

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"Love the way the LightBeam team is enabling frictionless exchange of data between companies and their customers. In this post-cookie era of all things private, this team has the potential to build a truly automated privacy platform that is profoundly simple."
- Dheeraj Pandey, Co-founder & CEO,; Board Member, Adobe
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