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Surprises are best reserved for birthday parties, not for HIPAA violations!

Privacy & Data Security for Healthcare

Companies we work with are maniacally focused on ensuring that no sensitive (PHI) data ever leaks out of their organizations. And rightfully so. Patients trust their most vulnerable data with their healthcare organizations and expect them to be trustees of that data. The governing regulation here of course is HIPAA, enunciating the privacy rule at 45 CFR  Part 160 and Subparts A and E of Part 164.

The LightBeam AI platform has been trained to detect unique healthcare attributes such as MRN, Patient ID, ICD9/ICD10 codes - not only from text but also from images, PDFs etc. As one of our customers put it - detecting PHI from images has been the holy grail - and we are there now. 

If you are a Healthcare org, we can help you address the following risks and requirements for HIPAA:

  • Contain PHI data sprawl. Why should you care - unanticipated PHI data sprawl increases risks of sensitive data getting exposed accidentally, or because of a breach event. Get a 360-degree view of all PHI data lurking inside your organization.

  • PHI Data Leakage - See if and how PHI data (in plain text, or attachments or even images) might be leaking from your organization by continuous monitoring of your Emails, Messaging systems (Slack/Teams), File Repositories (GDrive/OneDrive/Sharepoint), and other methods of communication. 

  • PHI Data Exchange - As and when you need to share sensitive data with your partners, know exactly what has been shared, with whom, was it in accordance with your DTA (data txfr agreement).

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