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Whether you are in retail, manufacturing, or technology, you are constantly dealing with an enormous amount of PII data. You might be running an event management company carrying PII data about users/visitors of your customers. Or you might be running a technology company carrying highly sensitive credentials and access patterns about your customers. No matter who you are, unfortunately we all are just one exposed bucket away from notoriety and reputation damage.

Privacy & Data Security for Industry

LightBeam’s customer-centric platform enables you to accelerate your growth with confidence - that all the data you are collecting is being securely stored and managed, that support cases do not become an unmanaged corona discharge of PII information from your customers. Manage your regulatory compliance posture with confidence with unique capabilities such as:

  • Attribute 360 and Customer 360: Know what data you are carrying, and about whom. Address DSR requests with 1-click. Related regulations: GDPR, CCPA, VDPA and many others.

  • PII Data Exchange - As and when you need to share sensitive data with your partners, know exactly what has been shared, with whom, was it in accordance with your DTA (data txfr agreement). Related regulations: GDPR Schrems II.

  • PII Data Leakage - 24/7 monitoring of any sensitive information leaking from your organization including in the form of images and attachments. Enables precise breach notifications. Related regulations - GDPR, CCPA, VDPA and many others.


Focus on growth, and use LightBeam DataDetective as your silent but sharp sidekick.


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