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Industry Verticals

At LightBeam, we are focused on solving challenges that are relevant and close to you and your industry. Your industry and you are unique - and we get it.


The financial services industry (banks, insurance companies, mortgage and loan processors, credit unions, payment processors, fintech marketers amongst others) has to pay attention to a multitude of regulations when it comes to handling sensitive customer PII data.

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Fintech Privacy Platform
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Surprises are best reserved for birthday parties, not for HIPAA violations!

Companies we work with are maniacally focused on ensuring that no sensitive (PHI) data ever leaks out of their organizations. And rightfully so. Patients trust their most vulnerable data with their healthcare organizations and expect them to be trustees of that data. The governing regulation here of course is HIPAA, enunciating the privacy rule at 45 CFR  Part 160 and Subparts A and E of Part 164.

Healthcare Privacy Platform


Whether you are in retail, manufacturing, or technology, you are constantly dealing with an enormous amount of sensitive data. You might be running an event management company carrying sensitive data about users/visitors of your customers. Or you might be running a technology company carrying highly sensitive credentials and access patterns about your customers. No matter who you are, unfortunately, we all are just one exposed bucket away from notoriety and reputation damage.

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Industry Privacy Platform
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