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Solution Integrations

With native API integration for key enterprise applications, LightBeam provides a unified platform for sensitive data governance. 
Go ahead, connect your applications and see for yourself.


Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail

Modern means of business communication have revolutionized the way we collaborate. Platforms like Slack and Teams have become the de facto mode for quick updates while emails still retain their place for more formal communication.

However, like a double edged sword, this ease of communication is increasingly putting sensitive data at risk.  What will you find in your Slack/Email?



Google Drive, MS OneDrive, MS Sharepoint, Amazon S3

Remember that incident where an Amazon S3 bucket containing sensitive information was exposed to the whole world (you might say, which one - there are too many to count)! 

 LightBeam's AI/ML crawlers find out if there is sensitive information hiding in files/docs, and alert if such information is being shared with unintended recipients, internal or external to your organization. 



Snowflake, MS SQL, PostGre SQL, Oracle

Do your databases carry information about people who are no longer your customers, and whose information you should no longer carry?​

Use LightBeam to detect PII in your structured data repositories. Our unique Affine Maps show you a PII view of your tables/clusters.

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Salesforce, Hubspot

Your CRM systems carry sensitive information about your customers.  But are they carrying information that is no longer necessary? Is there sensitive data that must stay within your CRM systems and nowhere else?


DataDetective looks out for any such information hiding in any dark corner of your data lake, and flags them, or even redact them upon discovery.



Elasticsearch, JIRA, Zendesk

Let’s talk about support cases (unless you have built a perfect product/service, in which case, congratulations!). Support cases carry a lot of sensitive information - customer name, IP addresses, sometimes even credentials.

With LightBeam, it is as easy as streaming your logs (support/build logs) or getting your JIRA/Confluence parsed through our Spectra engine. Our policy engine enables you to detect and flag sensitive information crossing geographic boundaries.

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