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Do you get anxiety when using OneTrust?

​​OneTrust gives you forms after forms to fill and maintain without helping much with privacy-aware data discovery. Like the old gas-guzzlers, it had its day. Experience the automation and simplicity of a self-driving platform once.


Want to move off OneTrust?
Our offer can help

Free Deployment

Get LightBeam deployed in your Cloud at no cost, or use our SaaS service.


Free Discovery for Three Months

See what you have been missing. Start with privacy aware data discovery for structured and unstructured applications (e.g. Databases, O365, Gsuite, etc.).


Free PrivacyOps for Six Months

Instantly view what data you have about a data subject. Your DSR and ROPA can be done within minutes.


Concerned about migration?

Keep using your OneTrust for PrivacyOps but make it more efficient with automated privacy-aware data discovery that takes your pain away. Then, migrate off of OneTrust once you feel comfortable (an approach followed by many of our customers - yes, you can speak to them).


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