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Are you looking forward to Cookieless Days

Are you looking forward to Cookieless Days
Are you looking forward to Cookieless Days

Cookie, a popular online marketing tool for gaining information on customer behavior will soon be obsolete. Browsers have decided to stop tracking cookie data. Apple, Safari is blocking cookies & Google plans similar moves by 2023 for the market-dominant Chrome browser. This is a significant change in a traditional advertising strategy. The third-party cookies are particularly being affected.

As it’s become transparent how increasingly non-transparent companies are with the data they collect about the consumers, the data privacy landscape is increasingly getting inclined towards consumers. The one thing that’s constant is the customer’s need for personalization. It worries many about how the cookieless future will impact business models & marketing tactics, particularly with respect to personalized digital experiences. However, there are better solutions to fit this inevitable & much needed change.

Customer Experience (CX) teams can step in here to provide consumers with choices of what personal information they want to share & set preferences for the type of communications they’d like to receive.

Empowering the consumer with more control over the who/what/where/when/ how of their data is the future. Consent is becoming more & more democratized. Brands can employ more strategic ways of capturing & utilizing their own first party data:

  • Understanding customers: could include data auditing & enrichment efforts or identity building.

  • Engaging customers: Improving CX based on strengthened customer data.

  • Incentivize: Deploy personalization strategies, promotions, or loyalty rewards.

The absence of cookies doesn’t equate to the end of marketing. Teams can perform audits on existing data partners to understand how data is collected & what is the main identifier in establishing matches.

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