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Everything you need to know about Bill C-27: Canada’s proposed AI and Data Act

Everything you need to know about Bill C-27
Everything you need to know about Bill C-27

Bill C-27 introduces new legislation: the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act ("AIDA"). One major source of concern is the possibility of personal information being misused. The legislation aims to strengthen Canadians' trust in the development and deployment of AI systems.

The AIDA's declared goals are as follows:

  1. Control international and interprovincial trade and commerce in AI systems by setting consistent rules for the design, development, and use of those systems across Canada; and

  1. Prohibit certain AI-related behaviours that may cause significant harm to people or harm to their interests. The AIDA defines "injury" as (a) bodily or psychological harm to a person, (b) damage to a person's property, or (c) pecuniary loss to a person.

To which entities will the AIDA apply?

  1. The AIDA will focus on anyone performing a "regulated activity," which includes any of the following in the course of international or interprovincial trade and commerce.

  1. Any data pertaining to human activities that is processed or made accessible for use for the purpose of creating, developing, or utilising an AI system; or designing, developing, or making available for use an AI system.

Canadian regulation of AI systems in the private sector

Private sector AI activities will be subject to a higher degree of regulation than activities in the public sector.

Administrative penalties

Those who violate the AIDA may face severe administrative and monetary fines.

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