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Data Processing through cookies as per Turkish Law

Data Processing through cookies as per Turkish Law
Data Processing through cookies as per Turkish Law

Whenever you open any website, they ask for your permission to use some cookies. But have you ever wondered what exactly these cookies are??

Cookies are small text/data files that allow websites to collect information about users and visitors.

According to the Authority's decision and guidelines, cookies are classified into different sorts based on their source, duration of storage, and use.

  • Mandatory: It is a subset of cookies on which the proper functioning of websites and applications is dependent.

  • Functional cookies: These allow websites to cater to user preferences.

  • Analytical/Performance cookies: They gather information on the number of time users spend on the site and other metrics to help it perform better.

  • Advertising/Marketing Cookies: It offers personalized prospects and ads based on visitors' interests.

Cookies are used on websites to improve company operations and efficiency for online businesses, including those in the e-commerce industry. Every country has different legislation related to personal data processing through cookies.

The Personal Data Protection Authority, a Turkish privacy watchdog, recently clarified the procedures to be followed by data controllers concerning personal data processed through cookies used in websites and mobile applications after receiving complaints about unlawful data processing.

They published "Guidelines on Cookie Practices" in June 2022, and they are:

  • Criteria A cookie ensures communication via electronic communication networks; it can usually process personal data without permission—for example, Load management cookies.

  • Cookies that meet Criteria B are also usually permitted to handle personal information without consent to deliver the services that users have requested.

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