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Imagine this: A Data Protection platform that seamlessly adapts to your organization's specific needs

Updated: Jul 13

Imagine this: A Data Protection platform that seamlessly adapts to your organization's specific needs
Imagine this: A Data Protection platform that seamlessly adapts to your organization's specific needs

Imagine this: A Data Protection platform that seamlessly adapts to your organization's specific needs, automates critical tasks, and empowers your security team to focus on what matters most – safeguarding sensitive information.

We're taking a monumental leap forward with LightBeam's latest enhancements. Buckle up, security champions, because we're about to unveil a treasure trove of features designed to supercharge your data security efforts.

Embrace the Power of Customization: Bring Your Own Classification (BYOC)

Gone are the days of generic data categorization. LightBeam's BYOC empowers you to define your own data landscape.  Leveraging the magic of AI, you can create custom categories and subcategories with just a few clicks, ensuring your data is meticulously organized and effortlessly protected. This granular control aligns perfectly with your organization's unique compliance requirements.

Data Classification in LightBeam
Data Classification in LightBeam

Silence the Noise: Granular Notification to Owners

Information overload is a security professional's worst enemy.  Say goodbye to endless alerts and hello to laser-focused notifications.  LightBeam's Granular Notification system assigns alerts to the designated data owners, ensuring swift and appropriate action is taken.  Meanwhile, you maintain complete visibility into all data governance issues and their resolution status, keeping you in the driver's seat.

Automate Retention, Simplify Compliance: Data Retention-Based Policies and Alerts

Staying compliant with data retention regulations can be a constant headache.  LightBeam eliminates the stress with automated data retention policies and alerts.  Set pre-defined triggers that initiate actions based on specific conditions,  like automatically deleting 90-day-old reminders.  This intelligent automation minimizes risk and simplifies data security management, freeing up your team's valuable time.

But that's not all!  There is a treasure trove of additional features designed to elevate your data security posture:

  • Deepen Your SQL Visibility: Named Instances Support for SQL Server – Scan and detect sensitive data within specific SQL Server instances, seamlessly aligning with your database management workflows

  • Embrace Unstructured Data: Support for XML Files – LightBeam now extends its reach to scan and detect sensitive data within XML files,  further strengthening your organization's data security posture

  • Privacy Made Easy: Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) – Identify and assess privacy risks associated with personal data processing using LightBeam's PrivacyOps module.  This streamlines the PIA process, fostering collaboration and clear communication

  • Enhanced Security Control: Ability to Upload Custom Certificate – Take control of security by uploading your own custom certificates,  ensuring robust authentication and communication within your systems

  • Streamlined Authentication: Support for OAuth in SMTP – LightBeam now leverages OAuth for secure user authentication within SMTP, eliminating the need to share passwords for enhanced security

  • Built-in Knowledge Base: Embedded Help Documentation – Access LightBeam's comprehensive help documentation directly within the application.  No more navigating away – get the information you need right when you need it

  • Troubleshooting Made Simple: Files Getting Skipped - Know Why – Gain valuable insights into why specific files might be skipped during the scanning process.  This transparency empowers you to address potential issues and ensure comprehensive data protection

Ready to Experience the LightBeam Advantage?

These are just a taste of the powerful new launches waiting to be explored! Fill this form and let us know which feature is of interest to you and we will be in touch!

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