LightBeam Spectra is your Private DataDetective


Whether sensitive information is hiding in images, text, logs, emails, tables, HTML, or JSON, nothing skips the eyes of the detective!


Often, data gets fragmented and duplicated as it spreads making it difficult to assess the risk of leakage, and take pre-emptive actions.
The Spectra engine co-references all fragments and uses AI/ML to build an identity-centric PII graph for each entity (customers, employees, partners, patients, students) so you always get a comprehensive view.

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Vendor Management

Manage all your partners and vendors at one place. Onboard them, observe what sensitive information is being exchanged, and get alerted right away of any data sharing violations.


Do you wonder what PII/PHI may be leaving your organization?


You can take all the precautions to keep your internal data safe but all bets are off as soon as it leaves your company. The increasing risk of ransomware leaves you and your customers' data exposed. It doesn't have to be this way. Read on.

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Know if data is flowing in and out of the EU region, and if so, ensure with LightBeam visibility and control of such data exchanges.


Privacy OPS

CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, HITECH, CPA, CDPA, FERPA… are just a subset of regulations some organizations may have to comply with. There are a few foundational processes that can help businesses comply with current regulations and adapt quickly to any future ones.

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Data Subject Rights (DSR)

Automate your DSR workflows leveraging LightBeam's comprehensive PII/PHI Graph.

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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Onboarding a new data repository? Wondering what sensitive information you might have in a particular system of record, what’s in there, who has access to it, and so on?

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Consent Management

LightBeam Privacy Ops talks to all your data sources where you capture customers’ consents, and ensures consistency and adherence to your declared consent policies.

Cookie Management

Operationalise cookie compliance for CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and many more, Lightbeam Cookie management enables to configure branded banners, integrated with your website and track consent of your website visitors.

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Breach Notification

Ransomware threats continue to become nastier by the day. We hope you never need to deal with such unfortunate incidents but as they say, "hope is not a strategy".


With native API integration for key enterprise applications, LightBeam provides a unified platform for sensitive data governance. 
Go ahead, connect your applications and see for yourself. Explore our supported partners & integrations.

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Like our products, we have kept our licensing simple. Connect one of your user applications today, and the first three months are on us for up to 50 users (limited time offer). Most customers get started with user applications such as Slack, Outlook, Gmail,  OneDrive, GDrive, or JIRA.

How do we license?
User Apps (e.g. Slack, Email) are licensed on a per user per month basis, while Data Apps (e.g. Snowflake, SQL Server) are licensed on a per connector per month basis. Annual pricing is available for both.