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LightBeam Publishes Volume II of the Privacy eBook with the Privacy & Security Innovators Circle.


Privacy & Security Innovators Circle

PSI, pronounced ("sy"). As the name suggests, this is a "circle", not a club. Everyone is welcome - let's make the circle bigger. Here to learn, contribute, and to share our experiences in practically strengthening privacy and security postures and procedures.

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Topics in Privacy API Volume II


01. Deletion: From Startup to Scale-up
02. How do you scale, automate, and optimize your privacy operations?
03. Data Lifecycle - Good Data Governance is Good (for) Business!


01. The ROI of the New AI-Driven Privacy Platforms
02. Think Global, Act Local: Handling Data Privacy and Compliance in the Government Sector
03. Quebec law 25: Progress for privacy and a time crunch for organizations


01. AI is the bomb
02. Does ChatGPT Know About You

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Topics in Privacy API Volume I


01. Privacy and Customer Trust
02. Architecting a New Privacy Program
03. Security & Privacy : DevPrivacy Ops & DevSec Ops



01. The Future and Fears of Data Altruism
02. Need for Federal Privacy Law in the United States



01. Data Privacy Automation
02. Privacy and Artificial Intelligence - Living in Harmony
03. Data Trustee Maturity Model: An Introduction

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