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AGA Group Complies with Québec Law 25 and Modernizes Data Security Posture with LightBeam

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AGA Benefit Solutions



Employee Benefits


The Challenge

Law 25 introduced a complex challenge for AGA for a couple of primary reasons:

● Sensitive information

● Small team

● A large partner network means disparate information


  • Data inventory creation and management 

  • Information classification and regrouping 

  • Efficient automation and budget-friendly pricing 

  • Strong customer service during and after implementation

Martin ParentVice President of Operations at AGA

“The alternative to not having a solution like LightBeam would have been to hire 10 people to perform all of the functions it provides manually.”


AGA Benefits Soultions(AGA), an employee benefits company that develops and administers customized group insurance and retirement plans, is on a mission to improve the health and wealth of Canadians with a superior experience for plan sponsors and members. AGA has tripled its employee base in three years and now provides services across all provinces in Canada. AGA always had an emphasis on strong security posture, but with the introduction of Law 25 in Québec — the company needed to go deeper into privacy and make adhering to regulation a primary focus. This search for a new tool to help lead AGA to discover LightBeam as a one-stop solution to modernize and boost their data security and privacy posture.

Efficient automation creates a robust, trustworthy inventory

For AGA, LightBeam was the first tool they discovered that had the best accuracy to create an initial inventory of classified information. Within the first hour after onboarding a source, AGA can have precise stats allowing them to better understand the breadth of the data they’re tracking. The AGA team needs to correlate and match sensitive data to specific users — a task that would require hours and hours of work for their team to trade relations between users and data — and LightBeam leverages its unique Entity Resolution capability to highlight and tabulate personal data belonging to specific users. Other solutions the team looked at required a lot of manual input to get the inventory right.

Leverage LightBeam to comply with Québec Law 25​

Auto-Discover and Inventory Personal Data & Simplified 1-Click Workflows

Mitigate Risks with Automation

Modernized data security posture means easier compliance with new rules

Similar laws to Law 25 will pop up in other provinces in upcoming years. AGA has architected the solution to make sure everything they’ve done today can be reusable for other provinces when they need to meet new regulations — and they’ll be ready to do so with LightBeam.

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