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Beyond Compliance 

Infinite Investment Systems proactively navigates data risk management with LightBeam



Infinite Investments Systems


Portfolio Management

The Challenge

  • Scanning incoming and outgoing email traffic across Outlook, Share-point, S3, etc.

  • Time consuming manual data management

  • Control on third party access to client data


  • Continuous monitoring of sensitive data sharing with alerts for unauthorized access 

  • Compliance with Québec Law 25 & GDPR

  • Customized setup for sensitive terminology

  •  Fast onboarding and customer service 

Chris O’Leary, COO of Infinite

“If a data breach occurred, it could have been a $100,000 dollar issue. Now, using LightBeam, the cost of potential data breaches becomes zero.” 


The Infinite Investment Systems’ mission is to deliver secure, reliable, and scalable foundation technology platforms to the wealth technology industry. Given the sensitive nature of the financial data entrusted to them by clients, safeguarding this information is essential. 

Infinite Investment Systems sought out LightBeam as a strategic partner to further fortify its data security measures — mitigating data risk and bringing them always a step ahead of regulatory requirements.

The Infinite team Increases revenue by mitigating risk

Data breaches are incredibly costly. Not only do they lead to financial losses, they do significant damage to company reputations and can have legal ramifications. The LightBeam platform clearly identifies risks associated with access to sensitive data, both from inside and outside of the organization. With continuous monitoring of sensitive data sharing, Infinite can now get alerted on any unauthorized external sharing of data within a few seconds.

Leverage LightBeam to comply with Québec Law 25 & GDPR​

Auto-Discover and Inventory Personal Data & Simplified 1-Click Workflows

Mitigate Risks with Automation

A tight-knit relationship with the LightBeam team enables quick changes and ample support

In addition to the level of personalization the tool and team offer, the Infinite team has found working with the LightBeam team smooth and collaborative. The very synergistic spirit and energy of the two teams enable them to problem-solve faster and create the most optimized solution for Infinite’s challenges and changing needs.

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