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InfoObjects builds strong customer trust and strengthens Data Security Posture with LightBeam

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IT Services and IT Consulting

The Challenge

  • Lack of clarity on data sharing with partners

  • Concerns about customer data security

  • Compliance with GDPR for scaling in the European market


  • One unified platform for DSPM and data privacy improving credibility with customers

  • GDPR compliance (and compliance with future laws)

  • Reduces manual work by handling continuous data monitoring

David Eddings, President of InfoObjects

"It’s easy to use, easy to onboard and enables everyone to be an owner of client data privacy. This ensures accountability and enables us to always provide the best experience possible for clients.” 


InfoObjects, a leading digital transformation consultancy, leverages cutting-edge technologies to help companies of all sizes achieve their digital goals. Managing a vast clientele, InfoObjects previously faced challenges in organizing customer data at scale, which hindered their teams' visibility into shared client information. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the InfoObjects team sought to integrate sensitive data discovery, classification, and compliance across their data infrastructure. Their goal was to ensure that every employee was responsible for securing client data with appropriate security and privacy measures. Enter LightBeam.

One unified platform for data security posture management (DSPM) and data privacy improves credibility with customers

LightBeam offers automated cataloging of client data, delivering 360-degree visibility of sensitive information across both structured and unstructured applications.

With this solution, InfoObjects’ customer data is cataloged and is securely accessible with appropriate safeguards. Compliance with client NDAs is now seamless, alleviating concerns about managing sensitive client data.


InfoObjects builds strong customer trust and strengthens Data Security Posture with LightBeam

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Operationalize GDPR requirements with LightBeam


Data Subject Rights

GDPR has empowered users by giving them an array of new rights regarding their personal data.


Breach Notification

In case of any compromise of user data, the organization is obliged to report data breaches to the ones affected as well as the relevant regulatory body so everything possible can be done to restrict the damage.


Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

A process designed to identify risks arising out of the processing of personal data and to minimise these risks as far and as early as possible

Trusted by leading organisations around the world

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Simple GDPR compliance (and compliance with future laws)

LightBeam Privacy Ops offers workflows that assist organizations in adhering to state, national, and international privacy regulations such as GDPR, CPRA, and Quebec Law 25. This solution ensures that complying with GDPR, and any future regulatory requirement will be seamless.

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