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Snap Finance turns to LightBeam as an Integral Data Protection Partner



Snap Finance



The Challenge

  • Snap Finance had to safeguard customer financial data and comply with privacy regulations like the CCPA

  • They required a solution to help them with DSR, Consent Management, and Data Classification.


  • Snap Finance improved data management efficiency, reducing spending by 40% and boosting productivity

  • Collaboration with LightBeam provided tailored solutions and ongoing support

  • Enabling better data control and incident management

Kiran Sharma, Sr. Staff (Director) Cybersecurity and Privacy at Snap Finance

LightBeam can cover 90% of processes we were doing with four different tools, meaning we can cut back on the tools and resources needed to perform and scale. Our team’s time can be used for more mission-critical responsibilities and less manual work.”


Snap Finance is a growing financial technology company that offers pay-over-time solutions for consumers who may not qualify for traditional financing. Their mission is to unlock financial flexibility for a better life by looking beyond credit scores to empower people of all credit types.

Snap prides itself on data privacy and protection as a core value, and they were in search of a solution to help them uphold that value. LightBeam enabled their team to accelerate growth while maintaining strong control over their data security and privacy.

Boosted productivity and reduced spend

The LightBeam platform helped Snap easily and quickly understand what data they have, what’s moving across Snap’s ecosystem, and when it’s moving. Having quick answers to these questions enables them to immediately implement key policies and lock data movement, helping with incident management.

LightBeam automation takes care of tasks that previously took days and multiple resources. From a cost perspective, Snap cut 40% of spend across teams, reducing the number of tools the team uses and doing more with less.


InfoObjects builds strong customer trust and strengthens Data Security Posture with LightBeam

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Operationalize GDPR requirements with LightBeam


Data Subject Rights

GDPR has empowered users by giving them an array of new rights regarding their personal data.


Breach Notification

In case of any compromise of user data, the organization is obliged to report data breaches to the ones affected as well as the relevant regulatory body so everything possible can be done to restrict the damage.


Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

A process designed to identify risks arising out of the processing of personal data and to minimise these risks as far and as early as possible

Trusted by leading organisations around the world

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Simple, fast deployment, which means easier scaling with LightBeam

When starting Snap's privacy program, Kiran worked alone without all the resources needed to develop and manage a new tool. When beginning their partnership, LightBeam built a solution and handed it off, ready for immediate testing and use. Most privacy or security tools take 2-4 weeks to deploy and bring the team up to speed. However, gaining access to LightBeam took just 45 minutes, enabling Snap to complete the entire deployment and initiate the first scan in about an hour.

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