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Effortless One-Click Data Subject Request

In accordance with various privacy regulations, individuals have the right to access/rectify/erase their personal data. LightBeam's PrivacyOps empowers you to manage these requests in one click, within 60 minutes.

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Watch how you can automate your DSR with LightBeam

At, we understand the critical importance of efficiently managing and responding to Data Subject Requests (DSRs) while adhering to stringent data protection regulations like GDPR, CPRA, Quebec Law 25, etc.. Our cutting-edge DSR Automation Tool, LightBeam PrivacyOps, is here to simplify your DSR processes and ensure compliance with ease.

Key Features

DSR Lifecycle Management

PrivacyOps offers a comprehensive framework for DSR handling, from reception to finalization

Automated Data Subject Identification and Categorization
Advanced algorithms identify data subjects  and categorize personal data types, speeding up data location and compilation

DSR Workflow Automation

Standardizes the handling of access, rectification, and erasure requests, minimizing errors

Task Allocation and Real-Time Tracking

Assign tasks to team members and maintain real-time status updates, meeting regulatory response times and promoting transparency

Continuous Monitoring and Change Detection

Ensure compliance and up-to-date records through continuous monitoring and change detection


Entity 360 View 

PrivacyOps simplifies the process of reviewing all the objects related to the requester in a single, easy-to-access section. Even data from sources that cannot be crawled automatically can be uploaded or sent manually by collaborators or data source owners. We provide complete support throughout the DSR process, making sure you see the full picture.


Targeted Data Discovery

Once a DSR request is created and verified, our system begins scanning for requester information. This information is validated against the source of truth, consisting of a combination of Email ID and Name. If multiple entities match the request, you'll be prompted to select the correct one, ensuring accuracy and confidence in the results. Similar objects are grouped for ease of review.

Your Data Your Control

With LightBeam PrivacyOps, you're in the driver's seat. Configure your source of truth from among your data sources, giving you the ability to build a comprehensive Entity 360 view and uncover other PII data linked to an entity. 

Don't need to scan every data source for DSR? No problem! You can deselect sources and customize which ones are scanned for DSR.


Comprehensive Data Coverage

Seamlessly integrate with over 1000 data systems, ensuring your data is accessible. 
The Future of DSR is one call, one click, and 60 mins away…
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