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Unified Platform for
Data Security | Privacy | Governance

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Automated privacy-aware data security with 360 visibility and control of sensitive information across SaaS, Cloud & On-prem applications.

What can you Discover with Spectra?

Whether sensitive information is hiding in images, text, logs, emails, tables, HTML, or JSON, nothing skips the eyes of the detective!


Spectra connects to applications such as log repositories, ticketing systems, project management tools, databases, emails, messaging platforms, and file repositories to discover and label sensitive information.


Clearly identify risks associated with access to your sensitive data, both from inside and outside your organization. With continuous monitoring of sensitive data sharing, get alerted on any unauthorized external sharing of data within a few seconds.


Redact sensitive content on demand or as part of a policy. Redacted content can then be made available to internal and external users to help with their business needs. Additional archival and deletion actions can similarly be made.

Unleash Spectra on Your App Infrastructure


Provides workflows for assisting organizations in efforts to comply with state, national & international privacy regulations like GDPR, CPRA, Quebec Law 25 and so on.

What can you Automate with PrivacyOps?

Automate your DSR workflows leveraging LightBeam's comprehensive PII/PHI Graph. The information provided in the report includes data from all data repositories - structured and unstructured.

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Record of Processing Activities (RoPA)

RoPA reports can be generated at any point in time at any level - company, process groups, individual processes. RoPA report generation has been automated with near-real time visibility into all data present in your data repositories, their purpose, and active data maps.

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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Onboarding a new process? Wondering what sensitive information you might have in a particular system of record? Privacy Ops will visualize what’s in there and who has access to it.

Consent Management

LightBeam Privacy Ops connects to all your data sources where you capture customers’ consents, and ensure consistency and adherence to your policies. Operationalize cookie compliance for CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and many more, Lightbeam Cookie management enables you to configure branded banners, integrated with your website and track consent of your website visitors.

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Secure Now Assessment Program (SNAP)

A 3 month assessment which exposes sensitive data risks and helps organizations secure their sensitive data. It includes:

  • Scanning of 3 Applications.

  • Visualization of sensitive data risks.

  • Executive Summary.

  • GDPR / CPRA / Quebec Law 25 Assessment from a 3rd Party Auditor (optional add-on).

Third-Party Privacy Risk Management

Third-party risk management (TPRM) is a form of risk management that focuses on identifying and reducing risks relating to the use of third parties (vendors, partners, contractors, or service providers). 

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