PrivacyOps on AutoPilot
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Comprehensive PII Visibility Enables Zero-Trust Privacy


Connect your data repositories and discover within minutes if sensitive information has been lurking at places you never expected.

Whether sensitive data is hiding in text, tables, messages, blobs or images, LightBeam’s AI-powered DataDetective shines a light in every nook & corner of your organization.

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Regulations such as California CCPA/CPRA, Colorado CPA, Virginia CDPA, GDPR amongst others put customers in-charge of their sensitive data and help organizations become trustees of that data. Yet, it is hard to be trustees when you don’t know whose data may be at risk.


Our customer-centric privacy platform enables "Identity Resolution" - a unique capability that co-references all sensitive information found across all your data repositories, forms a PII Graph, enforces policies and helps you stay in continuous compliance.

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You might have your own custom tools, data lakes and processes. Our APIs help you stay in compliance as part of your existing process chains and workflows. E.g. Would you like to redact ePHI information as you share medical reports with your partners? How about tracking sensitive information your company may have shared with your partners over the last day/week/month/years?


With our APIs, you can automate all these and more.

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Because we love automating manual, time-consuming, mundane tasks. And we love the privacy movement and are big, unabashed supporters of it. With LightBeam, we are putting the two together!

Our vision is to help create a privacy-first world where customers’ data is treated with the same respect as one would treat customers. We are on a mission to help you DISCOVER | ENFORCE | AUTOMATE sensitive data governance so you can focus growing your business. How can we help you?


If you share our privacy-first vision, we’d love to hear from you. You will help us build the industry’s most advanced AI/ML-based unified privacy and compliance platform focused on discovery, enforcement and automation.