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About Us

For the longest period of time, artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to shred users’ privacy, and launch sophisticated security attacks. It doesn’t have to be that way. LightBeam leverages the best that the AI community has to offer and turn that into something that helps organizations automate their privacy controls and secure their sensitive data: read more in our CEO’s blog here.


Best North America RegTech Startup

Our Story
Meet the team

Our Leadership Team

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Himanshu Shukla
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • LinkedIn
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Priyadarshi Prasad
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
  • LinkedIn
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Aditya Ramesh
Co-Founder & Chief Architect
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Our Investors

Bhaskar Ghosh
Partner at 8VC
Ben Casnocha
Co-founder & Partner at Village Global
Venktesh Shukla
Founder & Managing Partner, Monta Vista Capital

Our Advisors

Amit sinha.jpeg
Amit Sinha
CEO, DigiCert
Dheeraj Pandey_edited.jpg
Dheeraj Pandey
Co-founder & CEO,; Board Member, Adobe
Rishi Bhargava_edited.jpg
Rishi Bhargava
Co-founder, Demisto

Growth Advisors

Steve Kaplan_edited.jpg
Steven Kaplan
Principal at AccessFlow, and Author, The ROI Story: A Guide of IT Leaders
Rajiv Nayan_edited.jpg
Rajiv Nayan
VP & General Manager, Digitate


If you share our privacy-first vision, we’d love to hear from you. You will help us build the industry’s most advanced AI/ML-based unified privacy and compliance platform focused on discovery, enforcement, and automation.

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"As a data-driven enterprise becomes a necessary reality, it brings with it hard-to-manage fragmentation, complexity and distribution across structured and unstructured data. Making discovery, compliance and governance work in this scenario with a rich and nuanced identity-centric view is necessary, but technically very challenging. Lightbeam’s AI-enabled platform and use-case focused product offerings solves that, and much more. 8VC is proud to be part of this superb founding team’s journey to redefine and enable an enterprise’s identity-first future."
-Bhaskar Ghosh, Partner, 8VC
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