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DevOps + Customer Success Engineer

US, India (Hybrid - office and remote)

About the Role

Why Join LightBeam:
Come and build a secure, privacy conscious AI future for the world. LightBeam is a channel-first company enabling you to leverage your channel network to expand your reach and compensate them for their efforts competitively. This is an exceptional opportunity to take a once-in-a-generation technology and make a lasting impact on the industry and the customers you serve. Your creative go-to-market ideas will directly impact the company's trajectory.

Why Avoid Joining LightBeam:
This is not your average cog-in-the-wheel role. We need someone who is ready to be the driving force behind our sales initiatives, leading the way with passion and ingenuity.

What's in It for You:
- Early stage startup equity: You'll be rewarded with ownership in the company, aligning your success with LightBeam's growth.
- Competitive pay and benefits: We value our team and ensure that you're rewarded for your dedication and hard work.
- A ton to learn: Being part of LightBeam means being exposed to various aspects of company building, and gaining valuable skills in a dynamic environment.

We are looking for a Passionate Engineer with solid prior experience to join us. As a part of this position, you will be developing DevOps practices, managing cloud deployments, infrastructure automation, monitoring tools, deploying kubernetes clusters, writing helm charts, and also explore, and using cloud-native technologies. Working with customers to deploy and monitor Kubernetes and LightBeam clusters.




  • Design, develop, test, debug, and maintain components of the cloud infrastructure. 

  • Optimize and manage/monitor security in production. 

  • Optimize and automate security controls for cloud applications in production. 

  • Automating security process flows and security tests for containerized applications. 

  • Develop tools to assist and support developers in CI/CD. 

  • Integrate security controls in the software pipeline. 

  • Understand the infrastructure details of private/public clouds and use DevOps best practices to implement provisioning. 

  • Identify and communicate customer technical issues to appropriate LightBeam teams with appropriate context and urgency. 

  • Kubernetes, LightBeam cluster deployments, and upgrades for customers.



  • Strong in Linux, Docker containers, Cloud (Private/Public), Bash, Python, and Terraform scripting. 

  • Strong in Kubernetes, and Helm charts. 

  • Working knowledge of monitoring tools. 

  • Experience in building strong customer relationships and adding value that drives positive customer outcomes (product adoption, value discovery, customer engagement, customer value metrics, etc.) 

  • Track record of driving product adoption and expansion through customer-aligned account management, and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. 

  • Technical understanding of the data infrastructure ecosystem. 

  • An understanding of the complexities involved with operating large IT environments, with an appreciation for both systems and applications.

About the Company

On a mission to create a secure privacy-first world, LightBeam has rapidly gained industry leadership by pioneering a unique convergence of data security posture management, privacy compliance and AI governance. Leading the disruption against legacy players, we are helping customers move away from complex and manual approaches, and experience the power of responsible AI to accelerate their businesses.

Join LightBeam today and be the driving force behind our technical alliance success. Make your mark in an environment that values creativity, growth, and taking on the industry giants.

To apply, please send your resume and a brief cover letter to

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