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UI Engineer


About the Role

Why Join LightBeam:
Come and build a secure, privacy conscious AI future for the world. LightBeam is a channel-first company enabling you to leverage your channel network to expand your reach and compensate them for their efforts competitively. This is an exceptional opportunity to take a once-in-a-generation technology and make a lasting impact on the industry and the customers you serve. Your creative go-to-market ideas will directly impact the company's trajectory.

Why Avoid Joining LightBeam:
This is not your average cog-in-the-wheel role. We need someone who is ready to be the driving force behind our sales initiatives, leading the way with passion and ingenuity.

What's in It for You:
- Early stage startup equity: You'll be rewarded with ownership in the company, aligning your success with LightBeam's growth.
- Competitive pay and benefits: We value our team and ensure that you're rewarded for your dedication and hard work.
- A ton to learn: Being part of LightBeam means being exposed to various aspects of company building, and gaining valuable skills in a dynamic environment.

- Write performant, maintainable, scalable code with Agile methodologies
- Create striking user interfaces with cross-browser multi-device compatibility and
- Lead the development team and share best practices with teammates via code review
and documentation

*Professional experience with Sematic UI, and Redux-Toolkit
*A degree in computer science or equivalent
*Experience with i18n & a11y
*Experience with server-siderendering
*Experience with SEO
*Experience with Agile software development (Scrum,Jira)
*Experience with Node.JS


  • 5+ years of experience

  • Specialization in JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3 (Sass/Less)

  • Strong depth of knowledge in React or other JavaScript frameworks

  • Working knowledge of a UI framework such as Ant design, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Bulma, or Material UI

  • Deep understanding of large-scale Front-End architecture and data-driven development

  • Experience of Nodejs, express or NestJs framework and have experience with API development.

  • Familiarity working with REST APIs and GraphQL APIs

  • Excellent performance optimization, debugging, problem-solving, and communication skills

  • Apt willingness to learn, or prior knowledge of modern React technologies such as React Hooks, Redux-Toolkit, React-Router, and Formik

About the Company

On a mission to create a secure privacy-first world, LightBeam has rapidly gained industry leadership by pioneering a unique convergence of data security posture management, privacy compliance and AI governance. Leading the disruption against legacy players, we are helping customers move away from complex and manual approaches, and experience the power of responsible AI to accelerate their businesses.

Join LightBeam today and be the driving force behind our technical alliance success. Make your mark in an environment that values creativity, growth, and taking on the industry giants.

To apply, please send your resume and a brief cover letter to

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