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Privacy Compliance

Made Easier!

The only platform that combines sensitive data discovery with simplified 1-click workflows, helping you meet key provisions of privacy laws with ease.

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Trusted by leading organisations around the world

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Leverage LightBeam to comply with Privacy Regulations

Auto-Discover and Inventory Personal Data

What sensitive data do you carry?

Automatic discovery of sensitive personal data across your key applications such as databases, datalakes, and unstructured data repositories

Whose sensitive data do you carry?

Unique identity-centric approach linking data fragments to data subjects.

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Mitigate Risks with Automation

Automation framework to help you automatically alert, anonymize, and redact sensitive content detected in violation of your organization's policies.

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Differential ROPA

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One Click DSR


Continuous Data Flow Audit

Data Subject Requests

Multiple privacy regulations have given rights to an individual to access and erase their personal data. With PrivacyOps, businesses can respond to requests in no time.


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIAs)

Get the power of continuous scanning to do PIAs for any process or data source.

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Record of Processing Activities

Keeping RoPA reports up to date helps businesses comply with GDPR Article 30, in addition to many other state and international regulations.


Privacy at Partner

You can take all the precautions to keep your internal data safe but all bets are off as soon as it leaves your company. The increasing risk of ransomware leaves you and your customers' data exposed.

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